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The 10 commandments of Hair Extensions

1. Thou shall use oil every night on your hair extensions to add the moisture that they need. Apply a small amount (5-10 cent piece) in your hand and work it through mid-lengths to ends.


2. Thou shall brush your hair with a soft bristle brush to ensure you do not rip through your hair extensions. Start brushing at the ends and work your way up. Plait at night or have it in a soft low pony to avoid tangles. We recommend a scrunchie or soft hair tie to avoid kinks.


3. Thou shall use products with NO SULFATE, PROTEIN OR SILICON in them. These products will speed up the ageing process of the hair and leave them feeling dry and damaged.


4. Thou shall not brush your hair extensions when wet. Always dry your hair until it is 80% dry before using a soft bristle brush to gently comb out any knots. To avoid knotting NEVER sleep with your hair wet!


5. Thou shall keep up with your maintenance every 6-8 weeks (beaded methods) or 5-6 weeks (tape method) to avoid any stress or damage on your own hair/scalp.


6. Thou shall use heat protectant on your hair and your hair extensions. All hair extensions are coloured to match colour swatches, this means they are prone to fading. Using heat protectant can help reduce the amount they fade over time. Make sure your hair extensions are 100% dry before using heat styling tools on them.


7. Thou shall have a game plan if you intend on swimming with your hair extensions. To put it simply-They don’t like the water! Chlorine, Salt etc dry the extensions out and can cause them to discolour. Although not very fashionable, a swim cap is your best option. Option B- coat your hair in conditioner, plait your hair or wrap them in a neat low bun. Once you get out of the water rinse immediately with fresh water.


8. Thou shall shampoo twice; focusing on the scalp and not folding the hair extensions on top of your head. Shampoo and condition with the hair all going in the same direction. Conditioning only mid-lengths to ends to avoid oiliness. The less you wash your hair the longer the extensions will last, 2 times a week is plenty. Good news- They hold a style better than your hair so you won’t need to keep re-styling every day!


9. Thou shall not wash your hair for 48 hours after application of tapes so they have time to adhere properly. This will prevent them from sliding out.


10. Thou shall never give away your secret of having hair extensions.

Blend hair extensions lifespan depends on how you care for them. If you follow the 10 commandments you will have at least 9 months enjoying your beautiful hair.


We recommend permanent methods are applied by certified hairstylists after a thorough consultation. The correct application, maintenance and removal is vital to ensure your natural hair/scalp is not compromised.