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The 10 commandments of Hair Extensions

1. Thou shall use oil every night on my hair extensions to add the moisture that they need.


2. Thou shall brush my hair with a soft bristle brush. Plait at night or have it in a soft low pony to avoid tangles.


3. Thou shall use non sulphate products on my tape and weft extensions to avoid the sulphate from making the tapes slip or peel.


4. Thou shall not brush hair extensions when wet. I will always dry my hair until it is 80% dry before using a soft boar bristle brush to gently comb out any knots.


5. Thou shall keep up with my maintenance every 6-8 weeks (beads) 5-6 weeks (tapes) to avoid any stress or damage on my own hair.


6. Thou shall use heat protectant on my hair and my hair extensions.


7. Thou shall make sure my hair extensions are 100% dry before using heat styling tools on them.


8. Thou shall shampoo twice; focusing on the scalp and not folding my hair extensions on top of my head. I shampoo and condition with the hair all going in the same direction. Conditioning only on mid lengths to ends to avoid oiliness. (the less I wash my hair the longer the extensions will last, 2 times a week is plenty.


9. Thou shall not wash my hair for 48 hours after application of tapes so they have time to attach and prevent them from sliding out.


10. Thou shall never give away your secret of having hair extensions.

I understand that my hair extensions lifespan depends on how I care for them. If all of my commandments are met I shall have at least 9 months enjoying my beautiful hair.